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(Credit Card, Electronic and Recurring Payments)

Free Features Include:

  • Email Notification of Statements
  • Archived Water and Sewer Statements
  • Monthly Water Usage Graph

***Adding to your “Contacts” will ensure that your statements arrive in your “Inbox”.***

Starting October 1, 2023 the credit card processing company will be charging a processing fee of $3.95 per transaction.

A processing fee is charged for Credit Card, Electronic Checks and Recurring Payments. Signing up for the Recurring Payments option will allow your payment to be automatically withdrawn on the 25th of your billing month. You will always receive your 4% early payment discount, and it will show as a credit on your next billing statement.

You will need your BILLING ID (which is different from your Account Number) entered EXACTLY as shown on your most recent billing statement and your LAST NAME to access the site.  If you encounter problems while logging in you may need to “temporarily allow pop-ups” and then retry.


The “My Account” features are hosted by a third party site. Although email notification and archived statements are free of charge, the electronic payment option is managed by a third party processing company which charges and collects a processing fee for each transaction. For security purposes, no credit card information is saved on this site. Customers that wish to use this site will need to enter their information each time they use it unless you are set up for Recurring Payments. NTM and its affiliates are not responsible for the products, services and content on the third party site.

Bills are processed quarterly and mailed by the 15th of the month. Meters are read at the end of each month. If you would like to know when your quarterly billing cycle is please feel free to call the office (303-279-2854) or view the following map.
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Once you have registered for recurring payments, you will not have the option to use any other electronic payment method. In addition, there will be a processing fee applied to each payment withdrawn from your personal account. Please sign-up for recurring payments prior to the 25th of the month in which you receive your statement to ensure your payment is applied. You will always receive your 4% early payment discount. Sign-ups on or after the 25th of your billing month will not be processed until your following billing cycle. Please pay your bill by the due date through another payment method to avoid a late charge if you are signing up after the 24th of the month. If payment is not received due to insufficient funds, you will be required to make other payment arrangements.


Payments can be mailed to the District office, dropped off at the counter or in the mail slot.
14806 West 52nd Ave
Golden, CO 80403
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We gladly accept credit card payments in the office and over the phone.  There is a flat fee of $3.95 for any transaction amount.


Payments can be dropped off in the door slot at the front entrance of the District office.


Many customers choose to pay directly from their bank checking accounts. If you have online checking available through your bank you can log in to your banks website and write an electronic check to NTM using that service.