Construction Standards


Below are several standard drawings as provided by NTM in jpg and pdf formats. Please confirm that you have the latest version prior to submitting drawings for approval. The specifications and notes document is provided in pdf and doc formats.

Development and Construction

Document Name | Format
Utility Permit | pdf
Water and Sewer Availability (for Building Permit) | pdf
Development/Construction Plan Review Checklist
| pdf
Standard Developer Notes |




Local Contractors/Engineers with Positive Customer Feedback | pdf
Soil Amendment Specifications | pdf


Document Name | Format
Easement Requirements Information | pdf
Combined Water and Sewer Easement Language | pdf
Water Only Easement Language | pdf
Sewer Only Easement Language | pdf

Sewer Details

Document Name | Format
S1 – Sanitary Service Connection | jpg pdf
S2 – Manhole Detail | jpg pdf
S3 – Inside Manhole Drop | jpg pdf
S4 – Flat Top Manhole Lid | jpg pdf
S5 – Sanitary Sewer Crossing | jpg pdf
S6 – Sand/Oil Interceptor | jpg pdf
S7 – Sewer Sampling Manhole | jpg pdf

Example Drawings

Document Name | Format
Example Construction Drawings A | pdf
Example Construction Drawings B | pdf

Water Details

Document Name | Format
W1 – Trench Section | jpg pdf
W2 – Poly Wrap | jpg pdf
W3 – Kick Block | jpg pdf
W4 – Gate Valve | jpg pdf
W5 – Fire Hydrant | jpg pdf
W6 – 3/4″ and 1″ Water Service Line | jpg pdf
W7 – Sampling Station | jpg pdf
W8 – Temporary 2″ Blow-Off | jpg pdf
W9 – Unused | jpg pdf
W10 – Restrained Length Detail | jpg pdf
W11 – Tracer Wire System | jpg pdf
W12 – Pipe Casing | jpg pdf
W13 – Air Valve Assembly Detail | jpg pdf